Leopoldo Martins

Leopoldo Martins was born in Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil in 1961. In his free time, he liked to draw and play with clay. The cut-out, folded, and glued drawings were transformed into objects, models, and designs. The first experiences with tridimensionality thus appear naturally, in a playful, fun and carefree way.

Increasingly attracted by the possibility of capturing the essence of the shapes by transforming them into objects of desire, he dedicates himself to the design of jewels, now with the most refined and refined look. This experience forges its creative identity characterized by the cleanness of the trace, the power of synthesis, the precise cut. Simplification of form is your signature.

The friendship with Sonia Ebling redirects his productive voracity, causing the change of expression. Leopoldo begins to carve. Fascinated by nature and attracted by the force, movement and sensuality of the big cats develops a series of sculptures of these animals consolidating definitively the option for Sculpture as a form of expression.

In 2003 he exhibited “The Big Cats” at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro / RJ.