David Wang

David Wang was born in China, in 1964, and received his formal education at FAAP in 7989, and at the Pan American Art School in 1985.
DW is a multiple facets artist playing at the interface of fine arts. Using a large variety of media, painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and traditional Chinese Art, Sumie – his artworks stands out with vibrant colors in acrylic and Gil on large frames using Impressionist techniques, neoclassical and contemporary works.

Wang believes technique is a “tool” and not a proper style. Therefore the more tools an artist has, more freedom he’lI have to explore new ideas. It is with this concept that the artist mixes spontaneity with the accuracy of his strokes David Wang transitions between eastern roots with Western concepts. He knows how to look at the right direction to recreates new perspectives on characters and scenes of the urban culture.

Wang’s ultimate desire is to encourage the youth to achieve their greatest potential despite adversity, and to enrich the lives of others through the beauty of his art. He has works in important institutions as well as priva te important collections. He currently lives and works in Brazil.